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Promoting your Web site by any means possible can be a painless task.

There is one sure way to increase the visitors to your Web site and that is promotion, promotion, promotion at every opportunity. Visitors may find your site through search engines, but will be less likely to skim past your site if they have come looking for you in particular. Make sure people know about your Web site. A good marketing tool to help you on this is through SEO campaign. To get details on how it works, look for Victorious and it will give your business the attention it deserves.

Whether you are online or offline, promoting your Web site at every opportunity is the best way to get visitors to come to your Web site. The more visitors you get, the more potential customers you have access to.

Promoting your Web site by any means possible can be a painless task.

Offline, it can be as simple as making sure that your Web site address is treated in the same way as your phone number, and clearly listed on everything that a member of the public might see.

Ideally, anything that has your company name on it should have your Web site address on it.

  • Business cards
  • Company Vehicles and Premises
  • Estimates and invoices
  • Letterheads and compliments slips
  • Envelopes and faxes
  • Christmas cards
  • Bank cheques
  • Product labeling
  • Packing boxes and delivery notes

Make sure that your friends and family, customers, suppliers, doctor, dentist, tree lopper, bank manager and local convenience store owner know your Web site address. Perhaps they will talk to someone who will talk to someone who will become a customer. Word of mouth works. It always has.

On-line, the principles are largely the same: anything that has your name or your company name should have your Web site address. For instance, make sure that your Web site address is at the end of every email that you send – to anybody, whether business related or social. Even marketing through friends and family helps to spread the word, little by little.

You know, and I know, that Auntie Beryl who emigrated to New Zealand may not be interested in buying from your company, but Mrs Smith just down the road, who she still keeps in contact with from time to time, might well be interested… Or maybe her son… Or his wife… Or their babysitter…

Word of mouth – and word of email – is still a very powerful force when it comes to getting your Web site address known, on and off the Internet.

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