5 Reasons Your Business Metrics Don’t Work

Businesses live and die by metrics and measurements. Measure everything. Track all the trends. It won’t do you any good at all.


  1. Your metrics don’t translate into any actions. Better or worse, up or down, what do you do about it?
  2. You don’t take measurements at suitable intervals. Different changes take a different amount of time to show results. Measure too frequently in a slow-changing environment, and you’re measuring before it happens. Measure too infrequently in a fast changing environment, and you’ve missed it.
  3. You’re measuring the effects, not the symptoms. Why measure the time it takes to resolve problems if you’re not measuring – and addressing – the frequency of the problems in the first place?
  4. You’re measuring too much, too often and in too much detail. Systems can easily be measured to death. What use is it to your business and your customers if you know the length, width, height and inside-leg measurement of every issue, but don’t have the resources to resolve them?
  5. The right people aren’t seeing the right metrics.

That leads to a whole other round of “Why?”…

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