Inspiration and The Project Plateau

The Project Plateau
The Project Plateau

For many people the excitement and potential of a new idea is quickly swamped by the mundane activity of implementation. When a new and exciting idea arises in the middle of this plateau, the first idea is abandoned, and never completed.

Give your ideas the realistic energy and space that they need. Multi-tasking is a great skill, but multi-procrastinating is a drain on anyone’s time.

Keep your “Future Ideas” file as a motivating reward to finish the existing project.

Build the discipline to stick with it, or run the risk of leaving a trail of half finished projects in your wake.

jon m wilson Written by:

As half of the team behind, I am a serial starter of things, beginner of projects. I work in bits and in bytes, in words and paragraphs; I work in wood, metal, and paper, in fabric and in leather; I work in fits and in starts. Most of all I work intermittently and inconsistently.

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