Building Emotional Business Relationships

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Relationships are not built without communication – real communication. Your communication should demonstrate genuine empathy for your customers’ needs which will be the basis for building a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Another key aspect of building a solid, lasting relationship with your customers will be the attitude you display toward them, and your mindset in dealing with them.

Show appreciation

Create a bond with your customers by telling them – and more importantly – showing them that you actually care about their feelings as well as their material needs. Demonstrate that you appreciate your customers through giving them exclusive offers or access to benefits.

Show concern

Everyone – customers, prospects, business partners – needs to work with someone who genuinely cares about their problems. That’s how they know that their presence is appreciated, giving them a good customer experience. Consistently show concern for each customer’s individual situation and build a good, solid relationship with them. Continue to keep your focus on meeting the needs of your customers, and making sure they are satisfied with the outcomes.

Show humility

We all make mistakes. Businesses make mistakes. When that happens, own up to your mistakes and do what you can to compensate your customers for their inconvenience. Customers respond warmly to humbleness and are put off by businesses who refuse to budge or admit wrong. At times, the customers are in error. When this may be the case, you may have to apologize for their inconvenience and then direct them to the page where you state your policy or where details are shown regarding your products or services. Again, keeping a humble spirit can help your customers respond better while dealing with such situations that arise.

Show generosity

At times, refunds must be made. Don’t make your customers beg for their money back. If a refund is due, do it in a timely manner that shows your customer that they can trust your business. Some businesses deliberately make it difficult for their customers to get a refund. Customers remember such experiences and will be less willing to spend more money with businesses like that in the future. There are many other creative ways to show generosity to your customers through value-added benefits. Many value-added benefits are very low cost compared to the value of the impression that they make. Consider the value instead of the cost. Doing so will be just as rewarding to your business as it is to them.

Show respect

Avoid thinking about your customers as just a “group” of people. Don’t focus on the money by viewing your customers only as people who spend money with your company. Keep a humble mentality toward your customers by realizing that your business survives and thrives because of them and the choices they make. Use their name appropriately when you communicate. Care genuinely about your customers’ feelings and be courteous to them in all your business dealings.

Mean it

By displaying real human emotions of concern and humility and by showing appreciation, generosity and respect you’ll help to build a good, solid relationship with your customers. When you build a solid relationship, you’ll also build a solid foundation for your business success.

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