A Kickstarter is not an investment

Face it, contributing to a Kickstarter campaign is not an investment. You are not actually going to make a profit. The minimum that you will receive is an acknowledgement of your contribution. The maximum you will ever receive is the product you are backing.

The only thing you will normally receive above and beyond the value you are pledging is an exclusive product, early access, early shipping or the cachet of being a backer.

You are not going to make a profit. You are not going to get equity.
You are not an investor, no matter what they say

[Some of the] Projects I’ve Invested In Backed

jon m wilson Written by:

As half of the team behind 101projects101days.com, I am a serial starter of things, beginner of projects. I work in bits and in bytes, in words and paragraphs; I work in wood, metal, and paper, in fabric and in leather; I work in fits and in starts. Most of all I work intermittently and inconsistently.

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