Author: jon m wilson

As half of the team behind, I am a serial starter of things, beginner of projects. I work in bits and in bytes, in words and paragraphs; I work in wood, metal, and paper, in fabric and in leather; I work in fits and in starts. Most of all I work intermittently and inconsistently.

October 31, 1999 / Articles

A turn of the century paper on managing the ever increasing data storage issues facing small to medium enterprises. This paper largely focuses on storage of electronic mail data, but can be extended to documents and general file stores.

Data is a gas – given the opportunity, it will expand to fill all available storage space.

As time goes by, users will inevitably store increasing quantities of data. As they start to reach the quota levels assigned to them, and subsequently start to exceed their allocated quota it is clear that something will need to be done to resolve this situation.