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October 31, 2002 / Articles

How can the implementation of service levels be improved in small to medium enterprises?

A recent survey (June 2002) carried out by IT week in the United Kingdom showed that of more than 1000 companies contacted, nearly 50% were very unlikely set up an internal Service Level Agreement SLA for provision of IT services.

October 31, 2002 / Articles

Why go it alone when other small businesses around you are in the same situation? Share the load, share the wealth…

Joining together with other like-minded companies can reduce the direct cost to your business when you set up and maintain a Web site.

There are many ways of splitting the cost and complexity of an Internet presence, depending on your circumstances, and the nature of the other partners. You may be looking to share the load with nearby stores in your shopping complex; with other business tenants in your office building or commercial estate; or with a company across town who offers a complementary product or service.

September 30, 2002 / Articles

Is it time for you and your business to stand out from the crowd by investing in the professional approach to Web site development?

In the current business climate, budgets are tight for all businesses – none more so than for small businesses and sole traders. This understandably means that businesses are reluctant to commit to unnecessary expenses.

June 30, 2002 / Articles

When the tools are free, the space is cheap, and the technology simple, why pay for a professional?

These days, anyone with access to a home computer can publish anything to the Internet, at the cost of a little of their time and a few phone calls to connect to the Internet. Why then would anybody possibly want to pay a professional to perform the same tasks they could do themselves?

June 30, 2002 / Articles

What shape for your Web site?


At some stage in the design process, you will need to consider how you wish to model your Web site. The particular Real World model or combination of models that you take as your starting point will have effects on a great many factors: the initial development time, maintenance overheads, and project complexity to name but a few.