Build it and they will come

Fire Juggler by Drew Leavy via
Fire Juggler by Drew Leavy via

In today’s marketplace – a global market place, hungry for information – there is a small niche for everything, no matter how obscure.

With the global reach of the internet today, and the all encompassing, all seeing eye of the search engines, even if your area of expertise is yodelling South American fire jugglers, there are more consumers for your content than you could possibly service – if only you can reach them.

Therein lies the rub.

Reaching them.

Forming a community with them, for them, and around them.

If you build it, they will come – if only they can find it.

jon m wilson Written by:

As half of the team behind, I am a serial starter of things, beginner of projects. I work in bits and in bytes, in words and paragraphs; I work in wood, metal, and paper, in fabric and in leather; I work in fits and in starts. Most of all I work intermittently and inconsistently.

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