Jon M Wilson

Jon M Wilson is intermittently the author of this site. It started at least as early as 1997, and has been regularly abandoned, refreshed and restarted over the years, depending on mood, inspiration, and the pursuit of gainful employment.


I was previously an Associate Manager for one of the big IT consulting practices, and am based in Brisbane, Australia but am currently pivoting to working in the creative industries.

With twenty years experience in enabling the delivery of business driven, outcome-focussed services I  have worked with internal and external clients, across a broad range of industries from telecommunications and software engineering, to medical research and healthcare.

This has required me to be highly adaptable, and balance a willingness to learn the specific nuances of a new field, with an ability to adapt proven strategies and models from one environment to another.

In the last ten years I have worked with service providers to state government in the shape of a major telecommunications company and a supplier of pathology management software, and more recently as part of one of the world’s largest IT consulting practices, working in the resources sector.

Other Stuff

Outside the professional arena I am a scriptwriter, script-editor, ghostwriter and “punch-up guy”.

Scenery from Viking Mama! At the Judith Wright Centre
Scenery from Viking Mama! At the Judith Wright Centre

I act as manager, promoter and something of a producer, for shows such as:

Given a five-minute head start, I can find my way round the average lighting or audio desk to a passable degree.

I know an XLR from an RCA from a 1/4″ Phone plug. I invariably have enough miscellaneous adaptors, dongles, connectors and widgets in my gig bag to convert to or from most of them.

I design, make – and occasionally even sell – accessories and jewelry from a range of upcycled and purchased elements in leather and brass, silver and sea glass, laser cut acrylic and rhinestones.

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